DWBL helped improve and enhance the Seaside Recreation Ground

Friends of Seaside Rec.

Seaside Rec is the only large green space in the area. DWBL funding has helped make a step change to this valuable community asset. The first stage of this process was achieved when a new community group was created to champion the project to improve Seaside Rec. They produced a comprehensive plan which has now been completed.

Seaside Recreation Ground – Community Facilities Grants – £76,307

Grants awarded:

£60,000 – New Play Area. Matched by the council. The final design being chosen in consultation with the children at Bourne School.
£1,650 – Notice Boards.
£3,287 – New benches.
£11,370 – Disabled Toilet in PAWS Café.

Seaside Rec Fun Day

DWBL have also awarded a total of £4,220 of Community Grants to the Friends of Seaside Rec for their annual fun days.