Devonshire West Big Local Board

The Board was responsible for the overall management of the Devonshire West Big Local Plan. It had to consist of at least 8 members with Devonshire West residents being in the majority. In many ways the Board members acted like Trustees and had to operate in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding and a set of policies and procedures set out in the Board Handbook.

Board members were elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Officer posts were elected by the Board.

The Board used to meet once a month, and these meetings were open to the public. The only exception to this, was the Grant Awards Meetings which were confidential.

The Local Trust representative use to attend all meetings as did a 3VA representative. 3VA was our Local Trusted Organisation which held and administered the funds on our behalf.

List of all board members that have supported and assisted the Devonshire West Big Local project!

Adrian Ley     
Amy Solis     
Andrea Katsari      
Ann Hardman      
Brian Booker     
Brian Lawrence      
Clare Hackney-Ring      
Colin Mackinon     
Amy Hope      
Dave Ring      
Domenico Della Valle     
Emmy Bastin     
Freddie Brookes      
Graham Button      
Hannah Gausden     
Heidi Lane     
Helen McCabe     
Jacqui Stewart     
Jane Dubery     
Janette Calverley     
Jon Chapman      
Karen Stewart     
Keng Lim      
Kirsty Peckham     
Lynne Kiernan      
Manju Shrestha      
Marie Wheeler      
Martin Jones     
Mary Patrick     
Megan Stewart     
Nigel Goodyear     
Stephen Holt      
Steve Wallis     
Sue Morris      
Sue McCauliffe     
Sue Parsons   
Wayne Barron      
Jim Boot   Big Local Represesntative
Sue Shoesmith    3VA Rep but on Board
Jenny Watson     3VA Rep
Miriam Wilkinson  3VA Rep
Louise Coppen   3VA Rep