This chart shows the client groups awarded grants.

The DWBL Board awarded three types of grants.

Community Grants – Usually up to £3,000 for open rounds but increased for
commissioned support under a Service Level Agreement following Covid.

Micro Grants – Usually up to £300.

Community Facilities Grants – Usually up to £60,000 but required match
funding from other sources for bids above £5,000.

Client Group Description
Children and Young People Play sessions, after school clubs, sports and making music
Children and Young People – Special Interest Group For those with a particular need or disability.
Older people Activities and lunch clubs to combat social isolation.
Whole Community Events Inter-generational events.
Other General Community Activity Activity not aimed at a particular age.
Environment including Seaside Rec To improve public realm for all.
Heritage Buildings Leaf Hall, The Royal Hippodrome Theatre and Brodie Hall.
Other Community Facilities Seaside Community Hub.
Regeneration and Enterprise Activities The Devonshire Collective.
Financial Inclusion East Sussex Credit Union.
Multicultural Events Children and Chinese New Year.
Special Interest Women only, healthy eating, Englishlanguage and supporting vulnerable individuals and families.