This chart shows how we have spent £1,199,500.

In our plans we have tried to support a range of different client groups and special interests.

The main method for achieving this has been to invite applications for twelve separate grant rounds. We have spent £976,247, or 81 % of the budget, on 218 grants to some 85 organisations.

In addition to this we used £14,170 to organise and run events ourselves. The main purpose on most of these was to consult with the community on how to spend the money and to elicit feedback. The final event was the Devonshire West Fest which celebrated our achievements and brought the programme to an end.

£172,068 which is 14% of our budget was used to employ part-time staff to provide a range of support for grant applicants and the DWBL Board. Between 2013 and 2019 we employed a total of six different people and then entered an arrangement with an organisation to engage two others. In July 2021 the Board decided to prioritise grant awards and took on this responsibility themselves.

The final £37,015 has been spent on things like publicity (newsletters, posters, adverts, and social media), hiring rooms for meetings, and purchasing other supplies and services.