DWBL Has Helped Preserve Three Grade 2 Listed Buildings for Community Use by Future Generations.

Royal Hippodrome Theatre – Community Facilities Grants – £64,000

The Royal Hippodrome Theatre is the oldest theatre in Eastbourne and is now managed by Trapdoor Theatre School which has strong links to the local community.

Grants awarded:

£5,000 – Technical support for Heritage Fund application. (Not successful)
£59,000 – Refurbish front façade and remodel foyer. Grant was matched by the John Jackson Memorial Trust.

Leaf Hall (1864) – Community Facilities Grants – £73,730

This Grade 2 listed building was built in 1864 by William Leaf as a working man’s club. The intention was to support the local community which is at the centre of the DWBL programme. It is therefore fitting that the DWBL Board have invested in Leaf Hall to allow it to update its facilities to meet the needs of a modern community base. Leaf Hall CIO has been designated the legacy organisation to continue supporting and promoting our community.

Grants awarded:

£8,000 – Internal disabled access and toilets.
£2,130 – Hire of cherry picker for maintenance.
£40,000 – Repairs to front façade and upper hall. Grant was matched by the John Jackson Memorial Trust.
£1,600 – Traffic consultancy for access ramp.
£20,000 – contribution towards Building Improvements Programme including access ramp. Other funders being sought.

Brodie Hall – Community Facilities Grants – £4,886

Brodie Hall is a former Church School and serves as the base for Matthew 25. Under Matthew 25’s stewardship it has become an active hub supporting vulnerable residents and the street community.

Grants Awarded:

£4,886 – Internal improvements