DWBL Supported Community Partners to Provide Services for Residents

Right from the beginning the Board recognised that DWBL needed to work in partnership with other groups to help improve our area. The list of grants shows how some organisations received multiple grants as these partnerships developed. This approach proved essential with the arrival of Covid and two were able to ramp up services at short notice to support the most vulnerable.

Community Stuff CIC (2014-22) – £74,310

Two early supporters of DWBL decided to form a CIC to deliver services to residents. Over the next eight years they provided a wide range of activities related to play and food until the company was suddenly dissolved in 2022.

When Covid arrived they quickly changed their Lunch Club into a Soup n Support service. Community Stuff provided fresh homemade soup and a roll to around 50 people, 5 days a week during the first and subsequent lockdowns. They also provided a weekly activity pack. In addition to their regular volunteers, other local people including students, furloughed workers and retirees got involved chopping vegetables, portioning the soup, and delivering the final product. For many of the recipients the delivery driver was the only person they spoke to each day.

Matthew 25 Mission (2016-23) – £74,600

The Matthew 25 Mission provided meals for local families who were having difficulties because they were furloughed or other work opportunities were not available and for members of the street community, many of whom were moved into temporary accommodation with limited cooking facilities.

These were both wonderful examples of the community working together in a crisis, and it could be some of the most important support that DWBL has provided.