DWBL helped improve and enhance Seaside Road by investing in the Devonshire Collective CIC Regeneration Project

Devonshire Collective CIC (DC)

Devonshire Collective CIC was established through a DWBL partnership with Eastbourne Borough Council to make a creative hub in three empty shops and provide a range of activities for local artists and residents. Specialist consultants were appointed to develop the business model.

Housing and Economic Development Partnership (HEDP) – Community Facilities Grant – £120,600

DWBL provided a total of £120,600 to set up the CIC by paying for a range of professional services and specialised equipment purchases. The DWBL Treasurer was also appointed to the DC Interim Sponsors Board together with two EBC officers which managed the process of establishing DC and secured additional funding from East Sussex County Council.

Devonshire Collective – Community Facilities Grant – £60,000

After DC was established DWBL provided a further £60,000 over three years to support staffing costs as the new organisation started to develop its market.
This was helped by £55,085 grant from Arts Council England (ACE) to provide a programme of activities.

Covid and A New Model

The regeneration project had a considerable impact on the look of the area with additional improvements being made by other businesses. The ACE programme helped establish DC’s reputation within the artistic community but did not have a great impact with residents.

Over the course of the first three years the initial model was adapted and during Covid an additional DWBL £5,000 Community Facilities Grant was provided to
transform DC1 into a more usable VOLT gallery space. VOLT now has a full grant aided programme of exhibitions.

DC Learn, originally a strand within the ACE Programme, has developed to provide a programme of local activity to increase the engagement with the local community assisted by DC’s new status on ACE’s National Portfolio programme.

The Eastbourne Studio Pottery consortium of artists has gone from strength to strength using many of the other studio spaces and is in the process of taking over the management of this facility independently of DC.