Funding 2018-20

Wave Bank (East Sussex Credit Union) – £9,210

Based at Seaside Hub, but also working with Matthew 25 Mission and YMCA ,East Sussex Credit Union has helped people with money management. This covers access to bank accounts, loan applications, paying rent and bills and budgeting for independent living. ESCU also helped people through their carers when they found it difficult to manage their own finances. Emergency loans during COVID were arranged.

Name changed to Wave Bank from East Sussex Credit Union.

English 4 All – £2,420

12-15 people attended weekly for conversation classes at Seaside Hub. Aspects of daily living eg handling money, medical appointments and local travelling were covered. One attendee went on to teach English as a foreign language.

Matthew 25 Mission – £3,000

1200 meals a week were provided during the COVID crisis. Devonshire West Big Local provided a grant to help with the meals and provision of an extra key worker to ensure access to support. Help with provision of extra cold storage space ensured provision of the meals.

A feedback survey showed over 90% of clients were very satisfied with the quality of the meals.

Friends of Seaside Recreation Ground – £6,500

Provision of table and seat benches near the children’s playpark improved the use of the park.

Devonshire West’s grant of £1000 was used to make Funday a real event, enjoyed by all.

Seaside Recreational Ground

Art Education Network via Devonshire Collective – £5,000

Vital improvements were made to gallery space turning it into Volt Gallery and Project Space.

Volt’s ethos is to provide meaningful opportunities to artists, and this began with recent facade commission. The biannual open call commission will allow artists to have a public impact on Seaside Road and is intended to act as a catalyst for conversations about Volt and Devonshire Collective.

Clean Air – £2,988

Raising awareness of Eastbourne’s air quality and how to combat poor air quality. Provided free air quality sensors for residents of Devonshire West. Hosting of project sensors across Eastbourne benefits all residents. With providing data. Work with other environmental groups eg Friends of the Earth have taken place ,provides a forum to improve air quality for all.

Reformed – £1,399.96

Using the grant from Devonshire West Big Local provided laptop computers to support clients with education, training and employment via drop in 2hr sessions per week focused on individual needs analysis. Maths and English courses and general employment skills were covered.

Over a third of clients went on to gainful employment and crime rates for clients decrease by 90%

Unfortunately, the company have now gone under.

Bourne School – £2,455

Grant was used to provide high quality resources to increase attainments for all pupils. Parents and carers were invited to a variety of events which saw the use of the funded resources in various ways.

Bourne School

Bourne Academy – The Arts Award – £2,000

The Arts Awards grant provided workshops and courses in after school and home education sessions. All children, including those with additional needs passed their Art Award, which inspires young people to grow their arts and leadership talents. The arts covered performing arts and more general arts.

Age Concern – £2,994

A befriending service helped residents of Devonshire West to maintain their mental health during lockdown periods of the COVID pandemic. Using trained homecare staff and upholding all COVID measures staff chatted, helped with jigsaws, and shared memories with the clients. There was also help in the use of smart phones to improve client’s abilities to communicate with their families and friends.